Your Comfy Feet – Because Every Step Counts!

Your Comfy FeetOur feet are the direct contact we have while we explore the world. No matter what we do, walking is an integral part of life. Some people add running and jogging to their life, but nevertheless, we touch the ground through our feet!

Now, if you ever had any type of foot-related problem, you know that losing that option to move around freely is one of the worst feelings ever. Some problems are smaller, some are more severe, but no matter the issue one thing is for certain – we all must invest in feet maintenance. People take their feet health for granted, and that has to change. We strongly believe that people with all kinds of feet issues can still enjoy all sorts of activities! Come, join us on a journey to get every foot out there comfortable!

1. Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar FasciitisOne of the most common conditions out there which anyone can suffer from. The plantar fascia is a tendon that runs through the whole foot, mainly connecting the heel with the ball of the foot. A lot of times when people feel pain and stabbing sensation in their feet, the chances are they have plantar fasciitis of some degree.

This can happen due to all sorts of different causes. The main causes of plantar fasciitis are inadequate footwear, repetitive stress on the sole of the foot, high-impact sports using the wrong technique. So, getting to know everything there is to know about plantar fasciitis is the first step (pun intended) to dealing with it.

2. Flat Feet

When it comes to foot conditions, pes planus, aka flat feet, can pass by you unnoticed. A lot of people are born with it, and almost everyone grows out of it by the time they reach the teen years. However, there are many reasons why the foot arch stays flat, instead of rising up as we develop. Believe it or not, genetics play a crucial role. Other causes might include injuries or other forms of ankle and foot stress. However, the reason flat feet can go unnoticed is – they don’t necessarily hurt. Yes, you can live your whole life without even knowing you have flat feet. But, as you get older, and you start moving less, the risk of ankle, knee, hip, or even back injuries rises quickly.

A lot of people take on the challenge of correcting or just supporting their flat feet better. There is a lot of nuance in dealing with flat feet, so if you do have them, maybe it is time for a change.

3. High Arches

High ArchesOne of the most obvious foot conditions out there is pes cavus – aka high arch condition. The noticeable nature of this condition comes from the immediate discomfort, usually felt in the ball of the foot. People with high arches have it the opposite way from people with flat feet. But, unfortunately, the pain that high arches may induce can sometimes disrupt your day-to-day life.

The causes behind this condition are neurological, or in rare cases physical (acute injury), and it takes a lot of patience in dealing with high arches. So, for this reason alone, why not learn about supportive footwear and relaxing exercises that can help you get back on your feet (yes, there will be more puns).

4. Sports Footwear

Now, you don’t need to have a condition to have a foot condition to have a proper pair of designated shoes. High-impact sports and activities can cause three times more pressure that your actual bodyweight exerts. If you are on the adventurous side, you can invest in top-rated snake boots to accompany you in your outdoor exploits. And if you like to hit the lane every once and again, act like a pro and treat yourself with our bowling shoes reviews.

When it comes to ball sports, soccer is maybe one of the most popular, globally speaking. Any decent soccer player will tell you that there is a big difference between the best indoor soccer shoes and the best crampons. No matter where you like to play, outside or inside, running will feel way better in proper footwear. Speaking of outdoor sports, we all know that street basketball is has holds its own place among basketball fans. A pair of top-rated outdoor basketball shoes will secure your feet by absorbing the shock from all that jumping.

We must not forget martial arts and the gear that goes along. If you are a fan of wrestling, you know that feet stability is key to a successful grab. To secure that win, we have special wrestling shoes reviews to help you hold your ground. And for people that like to sting like a butterfly, but have to float like a bee, our boxing shoes reviews can mean all the difference in the ring.

5. Other Guides

Other GuidesNot all heroes wear capes, but every hero wears quality shoes. Ask any nurse around the world, and they will tell you that a twelve-hour shift can only be endured in a pair of top-rated nursing clogs, due to their anatomic design. Same goes for the best army boots – out there in the field, you will sometimes have to spend a huge chunk of time with your shoes on, so they better be good. Workers and laborers rely on three things: tools, helmets, and top-rated waterproof work boots to keep them safe and sound. Not many people know that there are top-rated shoes for walking on concrete, designed for people that spend a lot of time traversing urban environments.

There are all sorts of specialized shoes out there. We all have different feet because we all have different genetics and different lifestyles. For people that have supinated ankles can rely on the best running shoes for supination to help them get as many laps as possible. And, if you are n the sensitive side of things when it comes to perspiration, the solution comes with the best socks for sweaty feet – they should keep your feet dry in everyday situations.

6. Blogs and Practical Knowledge

On our journey to make feet comfy, we stumbled upon a lot of practical knowledge. We took the liberty of making concise summaries, compiling them into bite-sized blogs and tutorials. If you want to really know what a shoe is made of (including the engineering behind it), we invite you to read our anatomy of a shoe blog. One closely-related interesting topic is the steel toe vs composite toe vs alloy toe dilemma. It is all about the materials and how they are used to make your feet safer and more comfortable.

Lastly, we wanted to help some of you with relieving foot pain and alleviating stress from your arches and tendons. As most people experience plantar fasciitis at least once in their lifetime, it is always good to know what kind of natural remedies for plantar fasciitis are there. On the other hand, if you have issues with pes planus, aka fallen arches, aka flat feet, you will be happy to know that we got your covered with our flat feet exercises, tested and designed so anyone can try them out.

A Final Thought

A Final ThoughtWe use our feet to grasp the world we walk on. No wonder that almost every language in the world has some form of the saying – Never underestimate the power of a good shoe! And this cannot be truer. As we get older, we notice that comfy shoes can make our lives easier, especially if there’s a condition involved, or there is some sort of sports activity.

Technological advancements and our understanding of footwear has advanced exponentially in the last couple of decades. Scientists, working with podiatrists around the world, have realized that our overall wellbeing relies on the foundation of the body – the feet!

We invite you to browse our library and learn how to make your life comfy by investing in foot maintenance. You need to own every step you take, so let’s make every step count!