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11 Best Boxing Shoes – (Reviews & Unbiased Guide 2022) 

Wondering if you need the best boxing shoes? Contrary to popular belief, boxers do not just need to be great with their hands; they need to also be good with their legs if they don’t want to lay on their back during a boxing match. This automatically makes the footwear a central element to the success of a boxer.

The problem, however, is that there are so many boxing shoes in the market, making it difficult to differentiate the right shoes from the wrong ones. You’ll want to look at the technicalities that each option has to offer. Why go through this stress when you can refer to our boxing shoes reviews, guaranteed that each option that we recommend would provide the performance you need.

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Are Boxing Shoes Worth It?

Best Boxing ShoesWhen you start out as a boxer, the first things you’ll naturally think about are gloves. Of course, you’ll be doing so many punches, and it only makes sense that you are thinking about protecting your hands. Next, most boxers are thinking of hand wraps. Usually, after hand wraps, most people think about a mouth guard, and then perhaps a head guard. In most situations, what gets lost in all these, however, is the need for boxing shoes. Most training boxers think that they can get away with wearing just trainers for boxing. While trainers might be comfortable and suitable for outdoor use, they would not serve you as well as a pair of specialized boxing shoes would do.

Now, we are not exactly insinuating that a good pair of trainers is terrible. However, most people that are using boxing shoes for the first time never wish to go back to wearing trainers for boxing. Boxing shoes make a whole lot of difference for every boxer, irrespective of their level of experience. The truth is that whether you are choosing boxing as a hobby or for a professional career, you’ll want a pair of shoes that offer your feet the needed protection while keeping you stable.

What Are The Benefits of Wearing Boxing Shoes?

As stated earlier, the use of boxing shoes can make a whole lot of difference in the performance of any boxer. In fact, most experts recommend it as one of the easiest ways of improving the performance of a beginner in the boxing world.

With a good pair of boxing shoes, you can expect improvement in speed, mobility, comfort, and power. It is really simple – since a boxing shoe is made for boxing, then it will allow you to maintain maximum comfort in boxing positions and stances. Typically, you’ll be able to move in the ways that boxers move without feeling any pain or discomfort. With better movement comes increased speed and better power.

Like most other beginners, you might be tempted not to buy real boxing shoes from the start. You might want to wait until later when you are more serious. However, you’ll not get to feel the real fun of how it feels to wear an authentic boxing shoe. Boxing shoes make your feet feel incredibly lighter. It offers you the ability to move around with so much support and agility as you jump around the boxing ring snapping crosses and hooks. You might simply just have to try it to understand how it feels.

Best Boxing Shoes Comparison Chart

Adidas Men's Combat Speed.5

Adidas Men’s Combat Speed.5

  • Price: $$
  • Customer Rating: 4.5
  • Color: Black/Silver Metallic/Black
  • Sole: Leather and Rubber
  • Material: Textile & Synthetic
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Ringside Diablo Boxing Shoes

Ringside Diablo Boxing Shoes

  • Price: $$
  • Customer Rating: 4.3
  • Color: Black
  • Sole: Non-slip Rubber
  • Material: Leather Vinyl
View On Amazon
Everlast New Elite High Top Boxing Shoes

Everlast New Elite High Top Boxing Shoes

  • Price: $$$
  • Customer Rating: 4.5
  • Color: Black
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Material: Suede
View On Amazon
Venum Elite Boxing Shoes

Venum Elite Boxing Shoes

  • Price: $$$
  • Customer Rating: 4.5
  • Color: Black/Gold
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Material: Glossy PU Patent, PU Flex, Mesh Honeycomb
View On Amazon
Otomix Men's Warrior Bodybuilding Boxing Weightlifting MMA Shoes

Otomix Men’s Warrior Bodybuilding Boxing Weightlifting MMA Shoes

  • Price: $$$
  • Customer Rating: 4.7
  • Color: Black
  • Sole: Rubber
  • Material: Polyester
View On Amazon
Ringside Undefeated Boxing Shoes

Ringside Undefeated Boxing Shoes

  • Price: $$
  • Customer Rating: 4.5
  • Color: Black and White
  • Sole: Non-slip Rubber
  • Material: Fabric
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Best Boxing Shoes Reviews (Updated List)

1. Adidas Men’s Combat Speed.5

Adidas Men's Combat Speed.5The Combat Speed.5 from Adidas is not just flexible, but also very supportive, giving you the perfect fit you’ll need to attack your opponent quickly. It is pretty tight, bearing exceptional traction ability so that you’ll get a secure grip on the mat anytime you’ll want it. The shoes are also very lightweight, so they will not weigh you down throughout a boxing match. Its single-layer mesh upper is breathable, providing your feet with the perfect coolness and dryness it’ll need throughout an intense matchup. The fitness of the shoe is so good, such that it will provide you with a sock liner effect when you wear it.

You can also expect the presence of a TPU 3-stripes and integrated side panel to reinforce the shoes’ fit. Therefore, offering ultimate support and comfort throughout a boxing match. There’s also an internal, die-cut EVA midsole that provides another layer of comfort to the boxing shoes. The split outsole that the shoe features is suede with leather overlays, ensuring that you get the grip you’ll need on the mat.

During our research, we also found that the rubber sole does a lot to provide additional traction for the shoe. Overall, it is a very cool boxing shoe that rivals most others in support, comfort, and traction ability. You can be confident that you are getting topnotch quality with this one.


  • Very lightweight design
  • Provides an impressive level of comfort to the feet.
  • Allows quick and easy movement
  • Impressive traction ability.


  • Relatively pricey.

2. Ringside Diablo Boxing Shoes

Ringside Diablo Boxing ShoesThe Ringside Diablo Boxing Shoes are one of the few boxing shoes that stands out in quality and performance. It is very easy to place its popularity on the level of performance that it brings to boxers. First off, they are contemporary styled low top boxing shoes with a design that offers a form-fitting fit for high-speed performance when a boxer hits the ring.

Of course, boxing is a very demanding combat sport. As expected, after a short while on the sport, you’ll soon begin to experience it taking a toll on your ankles. This is one of the primary reasons why you’ll need to get a pair of shoes that can offer you decent support around your ankles. Thankfully, this option from Ringside features a mid-top design that allows for excellent ankle mobility as it ensures easy motions and rotations. With this feature, you get the advantage of countering your opponents as conveniently as you would want.

Comfort is another area where this shoe stands out. In relation to boxing, comfort revolves around four things, including breathability, support, weight, and fitting. There’s not a single doubt about the lightweight design that this boot offers. The presence of nylon mesh as a good part of the construction materials brings incredible breathability to it. This option also comes with a thin but durable and highly flexible outsole that offers you reliable grip on the ground.


  • Impressive level of breathability
  • Very lightweight
  • Provides precise ankle motions


  • Not very sturdy.

3. Everlast New Elite High Top Boxing Shoes

Everlast New Elite High Top Boxing ShoesStraight from the pack, it is obvious that the Ever-last high top boxing shoe is designed to offer a high level of performance to boxers. This shoe differs from most other popular boxing shoes, especially in the provision of padded ankle support to ease mobility and stability. Over the years, the brand has become famous for its ability to provide top-quality boxing materials for upcoming and professional boxers alike. Again, they’ve brought the level of quality that they are now popular for to the manufacture of this boxing shoe. Everything about the shoe, from the quality of its material to how it performs is just topnotch.

A combination of nylon and rubber for the design of the sole gives it an extra extension. It also helps in providing additional grip ability in the ring. Apart from the grip-ability that the outsole of this shoe comes with, it also pays enough attention to comfort. The zipper enclosure that the shoe comes with help to ensure two things – right fit, and easy wearing. You’ll not worry about potential slide off when you bounce around the ring. When it comes to ankle support, this shoe also stands out. Since ankle and heel support are very important aspects for every boxer, the company ensured that this shoe does well in them.


  • Very light I weight
  • Comes with extra extension to allow proper fitting
  • Offers comparatively impressive comfort.


  • Might get loose after wearing for a while.

4. Venum Elite Boxing Shoes

Venum Elite Boxing ShoesFirst off, these shoes come with a brilliant look. Most boxers fall in love with their physical features, even before knowing any other thing about the shoes. They combine color and theme that stands them out, making you desire to wear them. However, it’s not just about the impressive physical look of the shoes. There’s more to the shoe than you’ll see on first look. Venum has been in the industry for a while, so they know how to produce shoes that perform. The Venum Elite Boxing Shoes from the brand is one of such options that stand out in the market.

In addition to having one of the best looks as far as boxing shoes are concerned, these shoes are also among the most comfortable shoes available in the market. The shoe comes with a good-quality insole that works to mold right to your foot. In addition to that, the shoes’ high top also help for providing enough ankle support to you. Let’s state that it has the potentiality of lacking a little when you attempt to do other exercises, but you’ll be able to get over that with a bit of maintenance. The soles of shoes are great, offering the right grip to keep you going. Their durability level also helps to ensure that they last a long time without issues.


  • Looks very good physically
  • Provides sufficient ankle support
  • Comfort is supreme.


  • Not great for training.

5. Otomix Men’s Warrior Bodybuilding Boxing Weightlifting MMA Shoes

Otomix Men's Warrior Bodybuilding Boxing Weightlifting MMA ShoesWhen you are looking for a blend of comfort, support, and stability, this is the option to turn to. Otomix Men’s warriors are the most recent version of the Otomix family, and it comes with tons of exciting features. By now, you probably understand that the kind of shoes you wear during a boxing match would significantly impact your performance. That’s why you’ll always need to pay attention to the quality and type of shoe that you’ll buy. Most times, the moves you have doesn’t matter if you don’t have the right shoe for it.

This option from Otomix is a sign of performance which guarantees success in extreme sports. The superior levels of comfort that this option offers, as well as its authentic design, and its assured stability is something that every boxer would want to reach for. There are tons of distinguishing and exclusive features that stand this shoe out for people that have broad feet. No wonder it is listed as one of the best boxing shoes for wide feet by several reviewers. Let’s also mention that the option is extremely lightweight, offering you the ability to float around in a boxing ring. It also offers you impressive traction ability to ensure that you don’t slip off.


  • Very durable
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Well balanced.


  • Not suitable for narrow feet.

6. Ringside Undefeated Boxing Shoes

Ringside Undefeated Boxing ShoesWhen it comes to delivering top-notch boxing shoes that do not lag in looks and performance, this brand is showing proof that they deserve a spot at the top. First off, these shoes come with a unique and contemporary style that stands them out from most others. It is safe to say that the shoes simply have a breathtaking look. The shoes come with rubber soles that bring the vinyl and non-slip touch to them. These soles offer impressive traction ability that allows you to move in different directions without the scare of slipping off. The shoes come with low tops and highly convenient ankles, allowing increased levels of fluidity.

One stand out feature of this model is the incredible lightweight that it comes with. At its relatively low price, you can call it a value option. The brand also did their best to ensure that customers have a say in the color of boots that they get. Everything about the boot helps to improve performance and make the shoe more comfortable. It offers every boxer the freedom to move easily around a boxing ring without feeling any hurt on the leg.


  • Relatively affordable
  • Brings incredible comfort to the mix
  • Good looking pair.


  • It is narrower than you might want.

7. Adidas Box Hog 2 Mens Boxing Shoes – Black

Adidas Box Hog 2 Mens Boxing Shoes - BlackMost people are aware of the quality that Adidas brings to shoe manufacture. When this brand decides to combine breathability and agility, then you can expect nothing short of top-notch quality. This is exactly what it brings to the Adidas Box Hog 2 Mens Boxing Shoes. The model is judged as one of the best for boxers with flat feet. Its relatively low price also makes it a good option for beginners that may be looking to save money on a reliable shoe.

Straight out of the box, you can tell that the brand’s construction comes with breathability in mind. The open mesh builds that these boots features allow for the proper flow of air. This does not only allow for airflow, but it also prevents your boots from stinking. The model also comes with some serious engineering on the heel and on the toe box. It comes with a roomy toe box that helps for reducing pressure build-up. The heels, on the other hand, feature excellent cushioning that helps to prevent blisters, as well as to increase comfort.

A look at the bottom of the shoes reveals a unique endowment with gum rubber soles. These soles help to bring excellent grip on the mat or ring surface throughout a match.


  • The durable outsole helps to ensure the long-lasting ability
  • Very flexible option
  • Cushioned heel


  • Not as light as most others.

8. Reebok Men’s Boxing Boot-Buck Sneaker

Reebok Men's Boxing Boot-Buck SneakerIf you are looking to run harder and train more, then you’ll need a pair of shoes that will offer you ultimate comfort without taking away anything from performance. Most boxers already know how bad it can feel for their feet to get overwhelmed by moisture build-up. The Reebok Boxing Buck sneaker brings a lot to help achieve this. This option comes with vented mash on the front, top, and sides, giving room for better breathability.

If you are planning to own a shoe that you can use to fight, then this is a perfect option for you. The level of support that the shoe provides is outstanding, allowing easy movement around the ring. Their shoes feature laces that run up high on your foot. They bring ankle support and an exceptional level of stability. Like most other shoes from Reebok, this one is mid-cut and comes with an extra strap are the middle part to ensure extra stability.

One thing most people would not want about a boxing shoe is for it to wear out so easily. Therefore, the need for a shoe that’s made with the best materials to ensure durability. Thankfully, this option from Reebok features synthetic leather material that is strong enough to withstand severe usage. In addition to durability, the material is also soft enough on the feet, making it a comfortable pair even when you’ll need to bounce around on the ring.


  • Synthetic leather upper material allows for maximum durability.
  • The shoe comes with an impressive grip.
  • An ankle strap is added to provide extra support.


  • The sole’s grip does not wrap around the toe.

9. Title Speed-Flex Encore Mid Boxing Shoes

Title Speed-Flex Encore Mid Boxing ShoesThis is one of the few mid-top options that we can recommend to any boxer. Because of the mid-top design of the shoe, you can expect it to provide better support than most other options available in the market. However, the ankle support that this one provides comes with its cost, which are agility and mobility. Despite the downside, however, most boxers prefer the extra support that this shoe comes with, considering that the ankle is often prone to damage with jumps and turns that are associated with boxing.

These shoes feature fully synthetic leather with tight weave nylon fill. The laces of the shoe come up to the top of the ankle, adding to the support that the shoe provides. With the extreme light design of the shoes, you can tell that they’ve been designed for the people that desire agility while maintaining total protection for their ankles.

When it comes to appearance, you can see that these shoes come with a very simple design. The shoe comes in a variety of colors. Therefore, you’ll have an option to go for, irrespective of your personal choice. You’ll also find that the price of this option is comparably low, making them another value option on our list.


  • Provides sufficient ankle support
  • Impressively lightweight design
  • Good traction ability.


  • The sole may peel off with time.

10. Cleto Reyes Leather Lace Up High Top Boxing Shoes

Cleto Reyes Leather Lace Up High Top Boxing ShoesThe Cleto Reyes Boxing Shoes come as a reliable alternative to most top-of-the-lime boxing shoes. This option excellently combines durability with comfortability, thanks to its construction that features genuine leather and suede.

Yes, this option from Cleto Reyes belongs to the “higher price” category but offers an impressive performance to justify its price. It is a suitable option for people that may prefer the feel of high tops snug into their calf. The top of this shoe rides high up onto the shin, making them one of the best high top boxing shoes in the market. Despite their high, however, they are still able to offer incredible stability and support. Let’s also mention that the shoe features a very flexible material that is built for genuine leather. Resultant from the quality of the upper, the shoes are about combining comfort with softness.

Additionally, there’s a side zipper that makes pulling ok the boxing shoes more relaxed and comfortable. All that’s needed is for you to slip them up, zip them, then cinch up the laces and you’ll be good to go. Overall, these are shoes that will take you through the intensity of any boxing match.


  • Offers ample ankle support
  • Very comfortable
  • Great dexterity.


  • Relatively expensive.

11. Adidas Speedex 18 Boxing Shoe

Adidas Speedex 18 Boxing ShoeStaying quick on your feet and keeping your opponent off-balance is something of skill and stamina. However, you’ll want to provide enough support for your stamina as you can, and the shoe you use speaks a lot about how you can. Built with a focus on the fundamental requirements of a boxing shoe, this option comes with immense flexibility in the forefront, coupled with stability in the midfoot area. If you are a fan of ultra-lightweight shoes, then this is an option you’ll want to own. The design of the shoe is based on an Adiwear rubber out-sole, and you’ll notice that they are unable to wrap around the edges like wrestling shoes would typically do.

Apart from the impressive lightweight design of this shoe, it also does well in performance, allowing you the ability to run around on the ring. One look at the shoe design and you can tell that it will perform for any boxer, irrespective of level. The unique lace closure that the shoe offers make support even better. With it, you can expect that all your pressure points will get the right support. The shoes are also easy to take off and put on. With the laces integrating with the supports, the shoe promises to clinch comfortable tight on the feet.


  • Good ankle support
  • Very durable design
  • Doesn’t do wrong in looks.


  • Might experience some sizing issues.

Low Top Boxing Shoes Vs High Top Boxing Shoes

Boxing Shoes ReviewsOne of the significant factors to consider when in the market for boxing shoes that will offer you the best fit their types. You’ll need to ask yourself whether there are high tops or low tops. Of course, there are differences between the two, although you are in the best position to tell which one would work best for you and your game. Although most people recommend testing different options as the best way to know which feels best, there is still some information that may help you make the right choice. Below, let’s examine the two most popular types of boxing shoes.

1. Low Top Boxing Shoes

This type of boxing shoe is typically made from leather with suede tops that get as high as the ankle height. On the first look, this type of shoe would look very much like regular running shoes, except that they often come with straps that support the foot. These straps are in-charged of offering the maximum amount of safety to the feet. Most manufacturers make them to feature rubber soles or a slip-free pattern, enabling your footholds to be strong enough. The rubber soles that they come with also help to allow you to make sharp cuts when the need arises. These shoes come for both men and women, and they come in various colors and sizes to fit different needs.

2. High Top Boxing Shoes

This type of shoe features a lace-up to the shin. They are made of leather materials offering wearers maximum comfort and ventilation. The amazing lateral support that these shoes come with help to ensure that boxers can execute optimal from to front movements and back to forward movements. Boxing shoes that fall under this category are generally made with non-slip rubber soles to offer you the best traction you can get. It’s the presence of the non-slip sole that compensates for the missing tread. Despite typically featuring laces, there are times when this type of shoes can come with velcro straps at the ankle. This helps in ensuring maximum security.

It is very easy to see that tops height is directly proportional to ankle support. Therefore, as you decide to go into the sport of boxing, you’ll want to pick what offers you support, without taking anything away from your comfort level.

Boxing Shoes Buying Guide

Boxing Shoes Buying GuideWhen it comes to selecting the best pair of boxing shoes, there are tons of different things that you’ll need to consider to ensure that you improve your performance. Always remember that boxing shoes are specialized footwear that features designs that will up your boxing performance. However, not all boxing shoes out there are worth buying. Today’s market is awash with tons of options that are not so great. Hence, the need to look carefully before you buy. If you are thinking of selecting the best from the sea of options available in the market, then here are some features that you should watch out for before buying.

1. Fit

Remember that you are purchasing a boxing shoe, and the sport requires a lot of quick movements and sharp turns in the ring. Therefore, you’ll need a pair of boxing shoes that can mold to your feet like a sock. There’s a need for it to fit tightly and snuggly, especially considering that loose shoes would inhibit your movement ability in the ring. Loosely fit shoes also limit the amount of traction that a shoe can offer you. Like top rated wrestling shoes, boxing shoes are usually half size smaller than your regular shoes; this is because of the need for a tight fit.

Bear in mind that the shoe would stretch out as the break-in time approaches completion. A heavyweight boxer would not require as much tight fit as a lightweight boxer. This is because lightweight boxers generally need more flexibility to move around quickly.

2. Ankle Support

This is another crucial factor that every serious boxer needs to look at when making a choice. The reason behind this is your need to have a strong stance during a match. Accomplishing this requires strong legs and feet support. As explained above, there are two types of boxing shoes in the market. High-top shoes offer more in terms of ankle support. You should also ensure that the lacing of the shoe fits snuggly against your foot and ankle.

3. Grip

Every boxer understands the importance of grip to the sport. However, grip differs in boxing shoes, depending on the type of boxer that you are. Professional boxers require more grip that allows them to maximize their punches without losing balance. Overall, the sole should have an ability to grip the ground so that your feet wouldn’t slide when you are transferring power. But it should also allow you to pivot so that throwing punches wouldn’t be an issue for you.

You’ll see that non-boxing shoes are not so great when it comes to allowing you grip and pivot. The biggest problem with non-boxing shoes is that they either do not give enough grip or they are giving too much grip. Again, it’s a thing of individual difference. While some fighters are okay with a firm grip, others are not. The perfect grip should be when the sole grips enough to provide the stability that you’ll need for power transfer, yet pivoting easily enough to keep you connected to the ground.

4. Sole Thickness

Here comes one essential feature to look out for in a boxing shoe. The shoe’s build matters a lot for every boxer. This is one feature that can impact your ability to move, balance, pivot, and throw punches. First off, the inside part of the sole needs to be comfortable, allowing you enough balance when you stand. You generally shouldn’t feel like your axis is off-balance when standing in your boxing shoes. In addition to that, you shouldn’t also feel like the shoes are forcing your feet to angle slightly towards the outer part. You’d be surprised by the popularity of this problem. If at any point the insoles feel weird or make you off-balance, then you should be thinking of replacing them with custom soles.

The next thing is to check out the sole’s thickness. Some boxers prefer thinner soles because of the ability of such soles to feel the ground more. This way, they feel light and more agile. On the other hand, some boxers prefer thicker soles because such soles make boxers feel more powerful. Again it boils down to personal choice. You need to put everything into perspective to know the level of sole thickness that will fit your needs better.

5. Weight

Generally, your shoe should feature the desired weight and thickness. The weight of a shoe is typically determined by the material that it features. A feeling of lightness generally comes from the thinness and lightness of the sole and upper. Once a shoe’s sole and upper starts to get thicker, it begins to feel heavier.

The question is usually, which is better between thick and light boxing shoes. Again, it boils down to personal preference. While light and thinner shoes will feel more agile, a thicker and heavier option would be more supportive and also more powerful. Generally, you should get boxing shoes that feel thick enough to provide enough support for power transfer, yet thin enough to feel light and agile.

6. Height & Ankle Support

One vital task of a boxing shoe is ankle protection. You already know by now that ankle injuries are pretty common in sports involving a change of angles, jumping around, and continually putting force on your ankles from different directions. Boxing is one of such sports that can put pressure on your ankles and knees, depending on the fighting style you adopt.

When it comes to height, you have three choices – Low, Mid, and High. Shoes with low tops would go up to about your ankle region. Those with mid-height would typically go a few inches higher than where the lows reach. The high tops get to the region of the calves.

It’s a no-brainer that the higher the shoe, the more ankle support it will provide. Therefore, if you are looking for ankle support, you can go for the high-tops. If mobility is something you care about, on the other hand, then you can get low-tops to give your ankles the freedom to move.

How To Maintain Boxing Shoes?

How To Maintain Boxing ShoesBoxing shoes are essential. As explained earlier, they make the sport better and easier. However, you must realize that boxing shoes are susceptible to being damaged. Hence, the need for proper maintenance if you desire to use it for long. These shoes are often expensive gears, so whether you are an amateur or a professional, you would want for your shoe to last long. This is where proper maintenance comes in. You must realize that different shoe materials demand different maintenance steps. However, let’s highlight some generic maintenance steps that can help.

1. After-Use Maintenance

Whether you are using a leather boot or a nylon boot, the ideal thing is for you to allow it to dry after each use before storing it away. Dry your shoes under mild sunlight for a short while, before storing it in a place where direct sunlight would not affect it.

2. Apply Waterproof Spray

Boots that feature a suede and other similar materials are hardly waterproof. This means that you’ll not be able to use them under rainy conditions. However, because you are not sure when it’s going to start raining, you’ll need to prepare yourself for it. Experts advise the use of a waterproof spray to protect the shoes from the impact of stain and water.

3. Regular Cleaning

Like most other boots, boxing boots will require regular cleaning to remain at their best. The general rule is for you to wipe your boxing shoes with the right procedures after every use. Here, take a look at the efficient cleaning steps that you can adopt.
– mix eight parts water and one part mild soap into a container.
– sprinkle the solution generously onto a soft cloth
– Now use the cloth to wipe the shoe, focusing more on areas with stains and grime.
– Wipe with a soft dry cloth before drying under mild sunlight
– Apply conditioner if the need arises.

Stink? No Problems

We are often aware of the stink factor around the boxing arena. If you are not using good socks for sweaty feet, then a quick clean and deodorizing would do after each session. Using recommended deodorizers would kill germs and prevent infections, leaving your boxing shoes clean and dry.

FAQ About Boxing Shoes

1. Do Boxing Shoes Make a Difference?

Yes, boxing shoes make a big difference in the safety and performance of any boxer. Regular crossfit shoes may be okay for general training. However, if you are training exclusively to become a boxer, then you’ll need a pair of shoe that will provide you with a barefoot feeling.

2. Is it okay to Run in Boxing Shoes?

Yes, you can run in your boxing shoes, but we do not recommend that. Most boxing shoes come with low flat soles that tend to bend easily. This means that using them to run or jog would mess them up, allowing them to wear pretty quickly.

3. Can Wrestling Shoes Be Used For Boxing?

Yes, many fighters use wrestling shoes for boxing. While wrestling shoes are usable for boxing, the reverse should not be advised. Boxing shoes are built to be more durable, considering that the sport requires a lot of scrambling along the ground at all angles. These shoes are also generally lightweight.

4. How Tight Should Boxing Shoes Be?

As a rule of thumb, you need to have a snug feel. This means that they should not be too tight to cause bruises and straining. They should also not be too loose to cause you to trip.

Wrap Up

There you have it, some of the best boxing shoes available in the market. Each of the shoes listed in our boxing shoes reviews is guaranteed to offer you top performance without reducing anything from your comfort. We’ve also researched and written a detailed guide to help ensure that you know the things you should know about boxing shoes before going to the market.

The information contained in this article should guide you to the path of making a good choice as far as boxing shoes are concerned. You can also refer to our FAQ session to learn about answers to some frequently asked questions. Otherwise, you can refer to other articles from us to learn about the shoes for different needs.

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