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12 Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes – (Reviews & Guide 2022) 

If you are thinking of extending your basketball playing adventure to the outdoors, you’ll need to get the best outdoor basketball shoes in order to enjoy your play. These shoes are mostly different from indoor shoes in construction, style, and weight; therefore, they’ll offer you more leverage for better performance.

The popularity of basketball as a game has pushed more brands into the production of basketball shoes. While there are different models of basketball shoes in the market, picking the right one can be a challenge. There are so many technical details to look out for if you want to get the best for your needs. Why go through the stress when you can simply pick one from our outdoor basketball shoes reviews. Otherwise, you can leverage the information on this article to get the best fit for your needs.

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Benefits Of Having Outdoor Basketball Shoes

As expected, basketball shoes come with tons of fascinating perks. It is these benefits that mostly stands them out from other sports shoes like indoor soccer shoes. Here, take a look at some of the benefits of getting top-quality outdoor basketball shoes.

1. Cushioning

One of the most desirable features of basketball shoes is comfort. To a large extent, this feature determines your play. The amount of comfort you get from a particular shoe is directly proportional to the amount of cushioning that it can offer. That said, top-quality basketball shoes feature sufficient cushioning, presenting your foot with the best stability. This would, in turn, make jumps, stops, and cuts easier.

2. High Level of Traction

Makers of basketball shoes understand your need to stay on your feet throughout the game. Most basketball courts are slippery, leading to the need for the right amount of traction on your shoe. Thankfully, top-quality basketball shoes offer high amounts of traction, giving you the leverage to do magical things on the court without facing the potentiality of falling.

Traction is so vital in basketball that if your shoe offers all other features and fails in it, you’ll not exactly be able to enjoy all those features. This is one feature that will help you avoid injuries during your playing time.

3. Lightweight Design

Outdoor Basketball Shoes ReviewsThe last thing you want as a basketball player is to have a shoe that’s as heavy as an army boot. Heavy shoes do not only impede performance, but they make you prone to unnecessary injuries. Thankfully, most basketball shoes come with lightweight design; therefore, enhancing the much-needed mobility as you move around the court.

Take a look at each of the shoes in our reviews, and you’ll notice that each of them comes with a featherlight design. These brands make it so to improve performance and to keep you safe.

4. Increased Flexibility

Not all shoes can offer you the level of flexibility that you’ll need on a basketball court. However, this is one feature that the design of most basketball shoes is based on. Basketball shoes are generally famous for possessing a higher level of flexibility than other types of shoes.

You are probably wondering how this improves your game. Well, the faster you can get off the surface of the court, the quicker you can reach the hoop. The flexibility of your shoe mostly determines the quickness factor.

5. Ankle Support

You already know by now how common ankle injuries are in basketball games. Injuring your ankle can sabotage your chances of getting to the playing level you want, or even makes you stop the game entirely.

This is why top basketball shoe brands ensure that shoes with mid-or hi-top designs can offer the level of ankle support present in army shoes. The feature allows your ankles to move freely while providing them with top-level support to maximize gaming potential.

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes Comparison Chart

Adidas Performance Men's Cloudfoam Ilation Mid Basketball Shoe

Adidas Performance Men’s Cloudfoam Ilation Mid Basketball Shoe

  • Price: $$$
  • Customer Rating: 4.4
  • Color: Black/Metallic Silver/White
  • Special Features: Cloudfoam Sockliner
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Under Armour Men's Curry 3 Zero Basketball Shoe

Under Armour Men’s Curry 3 Zero Basketball Shoe

  • Price: $$$$
  • Customer Rating: 4.5
  • Color: Blue / White-yellow
  • Special Features: Micro G foam
View On Amazon
Nike Men's Air Versatile Ii Basketball Shoe

Nike Men’s Air Versatile Ii Basketball Shoe

  • Price: $$
  • Customer Rating: 4.4
  • Color: Black/White
  • Special Features: Airsole heel
View On Amazon
Adidas Men's Dame 5 B-ball Shoes for Damian Lillard's Signature Game

Adidas Men’s Dame 5 B-ball Shoes for Damian Lillard’s Signature Game

  • Price: $$$
  • Customer Rating: 4.7
  • Color: Black/Grey/Night Metallic
  • Special Features: Zonal herringbone outsole
View On Amazon
Under Armour Boys' Grade School Mid K Basketball Shoe

Under Armour Boys’ Grade School Mid K Basketball Shoe

  • Price: $$$
  • Customer Rating: 4.4
  • Color: Zinc Gray (101)/Black
  • Special Features: Die Cut Eva Sockliner
View On Amazon
Nike Men's The Air Overplay IX Basketball Shoe

Nike Men’s The Air Overplay IX Basketball Shoe

  • Price: $$$
  • Customer Rating: 4.4
  • Color: Black/Anthracite/Dark Grey/White
  • Special Features: Encapsulated sole
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Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes Reviews

1. Adidas Performance Men’s Cloudfoam Ilation Mid Basketball Shoe

Adidas Performance Men's Cloudfoam Ilation Mid Basketball ShoeThe Adidas performance men’s cloudfoam mid basketball shoe is one that every serious player should know about. This is one basketball shoe that conveniently combines functional design with impressive performance. The high-top style sneaker features a great design and offers you a level of comfort that will help you enjoy the game.  We even found that this option features a memory foam footbed that gives it an edge when it comes to the delivery of unparalleled performance.

From the first sight of this shoe, you’ll know that it’s the one you’ve been waiting for. Everything about it features the quality that Adidas is known for. One of the first things that you’ll notice about this shoe is its unbeatable quality. The top part of the shoe features durable leather material. This feature only means one thing – that the shoe will retain its shape for years, irrespective of how regularly you use it. Apart from the top, you’ll also find that the collar, tongue, and rear quarter of the shoe feature sturdy fabric construction that will help ensure that it doesn’t wear out under intense usage.

Overall, this is a shoe that promises to stand the test of time. The shoe’s outsole is made from top-quality rubber and features a grippy design that makes sliding pretty difficult, even when playing on surfaces that are ultra-smooth. There’s a need also to mention that it is lightweight and comfortable. It’s the lightweight and comfortable design that stands it out from most rivals.


  • Lightweight design
  • Features durable leather.
  • Relatively inexpensive


  • Sole might fall apart quickly.

2. Under Armour Men’s Curry 3 Zero Basketball Shoe

Under Armour Men's Curry 3 Zero Basketball ShoeThis option from Under Armour is one of the best you’ll get in today’s market as far as basketball shoes are concerned. Boasting an impressive level of experience, the brand extends its procedure into the production of a super lightweight basketball shoe that every basketball player would love. The lightweight design of this shoe makes it a good option for players that want to experience total flexibility.

At a relatively low price, this option surprisingly excels in performance, making it one of the best value basketball shoes in the market. The traction of this shoe is absolutely top-notch and would work better on clean courts. You’ll also find that the shoe doesn’t require much wiping when used on dirty courts because of its dust-proof design. The use of synthetic leather helps for durability purposes. This synthetic leather breaks in pretty easily, providing all the support and comfort you’ll need.

Despite all the numerous benefits, however, it is still important to point out that the Micro-G cushioning of the shoe is usually firm. This is a setup that would work well for lighter players that may prefer responsiveness over impact protection.


  • Comes with a really impressive traction
  • Features a lightweight design
  • Highly durable


  • Firm cushioning.

3. Nike Men’s Air Versatile Ii Basketball Shoe

Nike Men's Air Versatile Ii Basketball ShoeThe popularity of Nike goes beyond the basketball world. Most players across different sports prefer shoes from the brand for the level of quality that they bring to the mix. It’s not surprising to see that this option features as much quality as it does. The unique look of the shoe is part of what stands it out. A lot of buyers are impressed by its look and how it blends easily with other wears. It’s just easy to fall in love with its excellent look and impressive design. The company advertises that the shoe fits like a glove, and it’s not so difficult to see why.

Most of the upper part of this shoe comes with an aerated mesh that helps to let in as much air as needed during the match. The design of the shoe makes it possible for your feet to remain cool and avoid blisters, even when your play will require lots of turns, twists, and stops. There is some lift built into the air sole to cushion landing when you need to jump up from the dunk shit. The durability of the outsole makes it perfect for handling court surfaces, irrespective of how smooth or rough it may be.

Let’s also mention that a lot of users love the lightweight design of the shoe. Meaning that you can expect absolute comfort while you run around with the shoe. The durability feature of the shoe also means that users can expect longer usage.


  • Top-quality materials
  • Impressive level of durability
  • Gorgeous shoe
  • The breathability level is top-notch.


  • Only one color option available.

4. Adidas Men’s Dame 5 B-ball Shoes for Damian Lillard’s Signature Game

Adidas Men's Dame 5 B-ball Shoes for Damian Lillard's Signature GamePart of the reasons behind the popularity of Adidas is their ability to offer so much quality at a relatively lower price. Therefore, seeing this product from the brand on the list would necessarily not surprise anybody. What you might not know, however, is that this option packs several fascinating features for comfort and playing convenience. The Men’s Dame-5 B-ball shoes from Adidas offer top-notch fit, superb comfort, and maximum support. There’s no doubt about the fact that these shoes are designed to provide you with extreme stability and comfort around the court.

If on-field traction is something you are concerned about, then this is an option you should own. The rubber sole that the shoe comes with offers one of the best tractions you’ll see in the world of basketball shoes. In addition to such a level of traction, you also get a very lightweight that you can pull around. The construction also makes it supportive to your feet, especially when you’ll need to move around your court.

There’s also the techfit engineering that ensures total comfort for the wearer as well as taking away the shock from moments when you jump. You can also expect your feet to remain cool and dry as a result of the mesh upper.


  • Lightweight design makes movement easier
  • Very durable
  • Guaranteed level of comfort.


  • Relatively expensive.

5. Under Armour Boys’ Grade School Mid K Basketball Shoe

Under Armour Boys' Grade School Mid K Basketball ShoeWhen it comes to basketball shoes, most players want a model that can stand its ground in terms of performance without giving away comfort for any reason. This is one of the few shoes that’s specially designed for grade-schoolers that want to start a career in playing basketball. That doesn’t mean, however, that no grade-schoolers can’t use it. The top-notch quality that the shoe features is something that every basketball player would want. At least, it allows you to turn, sprint, or stop suddenly without any issues. Apart from comfort, however, several other features stand this shoe out, especially in the aspect of breathability. There’s a unique technology that allows free flow of air on your legs.

Because of the similarity of this shoe to the adult version, you’ll find that it comes with an attractive physical design. In addition to this, you’ll also find that the internal cushion in the midsole helps for providing power and bounce. This means that basketball players would no more be scared of shock when they land.  The use of Anafoam from Under Armour helps to ensure that all the internal parts of the shoe maintains total comfort.

There’s also a rubber outsole that offers a pattern that goes in more than one direction, permitting for better traction on the underfoot. These are shoes that would be ideal for playing on both smooth and rough courts.


  • Very comfortable design
  • Proper cushioning for shock control
  • Very durable
  • Easy to wear.


  • Colors are usually different from what you’ll see online.

6. Nike Men’s The Air Overplay IX Basketball Shoe

Nike Men's The Air Overplay IX Basketball ShoeThe Nike Men’s The Air Overplay IX Basketball Shoe presents an impressive combination of style and comfort. It also holds its ground when it comes to performance, making it an ideal pair for professional basketball players and amateurs alike. If you are a powerful and small forward that may love to play in lightweight shoes, then this is a good option for you. There is a wide range of designs and colors, so you’ll have something that suits your needs.

One notable feature that stands this shoe out is the padded collar and tongue that it comes with. A combination of these features helps to ensure that your feet feel comfortable, irrespective of playing turf. Their ability to offer wearers a decent amount of ankle support helps to provide the needed stability and performance. There is also an impressive combination of mesh and synthetic materials, all combining to give it a sturdy and lightweight design that it enjoys.

It has a mesh whose particular duty is to improve breathability in the shoe, and this is the feature that attracts most people to the shoe. With this feature in full play, your foot would remain ventilated irrespective of the weather you play under. We can’t help but also notice the unique phylon midsole that the shoe comes with. This exclusive midsole design helps to prevent your feet from feeling so much pressure like most other shoes would.


  • Perfect fit for the leg
  • Very durable design
  • Easy to clean


  • Sole begins to peel off with time.

7. Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Bounce Basketball Shoe

Adidas Performance Men's Crazy Bounce Basketball ShoeThe popularity of Adidas when it comes to the manufacture of shoes is cutting across every sport. Players trust the brand for their ability to ensure quality control in all their shoes. The Adidas performance men’s crazy bounce basketball shoes are one of such standout products from the brand. The first thing that you’ll notice with the shoe is its good looking nature. It is perhaps one of the most beautiful designs you’ll see in the market as far as basketball shoes are concerned. There are 11 color combinations, and each of them is colored appropriately to bring something unique to the mix. The high-top shaft comes tall enough for providing both arch support and excellent heel.

Among the prominent features is the support that the shoe provides to the ankle. This brand has obviously designed the shoe to be both ideal for playing basketball and for use in other regular sports. The upper part of the shoe features textile and synthetic materials. It is heavily perforated, with substantial holes helping for breathability purposes. You’ll also be interested in knowing that the shoe comes in super light design, allowing you to run, jump, and make your turns without any extra weight.

Additionally, we found that the midfoot interior of the shoe is made from TPU, allowing it to get the right level of bounce and firmness. The grippy rubber outsole allows for players to play without falling at any point.


  • Impressive physical appearance
  • Rubber outsole allows for excellent grip
  • The flexible design allows for use in different sports
  • Good airflow capability.


  • Not as high on the heel as some players might want.

8. Under Armour Men’s Ua Curry 2.5

Under Armour Men's Ua Curry 2.5If, as a basketball player, you simply prefer high top shoes, but also want your chosen option to offer you the support and locked-in feeling, then this is the way to go. The ‘burrito wrap’ design that this shoe comes with helps to ensure that you get the same level of support that you’ll typically get from a low-top design. A combination of this and asymmetrical lacing that the shoe comes with offers you a secure and locked feeling throughout a game.

Players that might have won the curry two would have an idea of the level of fit and support that we are talking about. However, this one manages to perform even better than the 2. The cushioning has been improved to offer better comfort during playing times. This unique design that the shoe features help to make it feel like an extension of your foot.

If you are going for this option, then the traction level that the outsole features is something that will impress you. Most players describe it as simply top-notch. The company ensures that this shoe features a rubber outsole of great quality to give it the grip it will need. An additional herringbone pattern included helps to provide players the opportunity to embark on multidirectional movements as easily as they would want to. Finally, the shoe features a threading pattern that helps for the reduction of the shoe’s attraction of dirt and debris. This is something you’ll appreciate if you are playing outdoors.


  • Feature an impressive fit
  • The use of sturdy material helps for durability
  • Comfortable pair


  • Relatively longer break-in period.

9. NIKE Men’s Air Versatile Nubuck Basketball Shoes

NIKE Men's Air Versatile Nubuck Basketball ShoesThere are only very few basketball shoes out there that every basketball player can count on for the delivery of top-notch performance without sacrificing quality or comfort, and the Nike Men’s Air Nubuck Versatile basketball shoe is one of them. The versatility level that this shoe offers is one of the reasons why it still stands out. It is one that fits the description of a perfect basketball shoe for everyone. Irrespective of your spec or what you are looking for in a basketball shoe, you’ll find that this one offers you something great. It is one of the few available options that boasts of numerous top-notch features, making it one of the best.

When it comes to the purchase of basketball shoes, durability is one key feature that most people look at. This shoe offers enough strength to last through years of intense usage. It features some top-quality materials that help to ensure an extension of its long-lasting nature. One thing is sure – this shoe can endure long and tough usage. Thanks to its Achilles design, you can be guaranteed a good comfort level when you hit the courts.

The unique sandwich design that this shoe also boasts of help for promoting ventilation for your feet. With this, you can go on wearing your shoes in any weather condition without feeling uncomfortable in it.


  • Impressive level of comfort
  • Very easy to wear and take off
  • Good physical look


  • Makes a squeaky sound when you run.

10. Adidas Men’s D Rose 773 Iii

Adidas Men's D Rose 773 IiiThe Men’s D Rose 773 from Adidas is one of the best shoes for basketball players. Whether as an amateur or as a professional basketball player, you’ll want a shoe that offers you total comfort as you make your runs. This is one shoe that does well in comfort. It has a good traction level against the basketball court. Therefore, irrespective of the level of smoothness of the basketball court, you can expect to enjoy comfortable playing without slipping off.

Let’s mention here that we were impressed with the performance level of this shoe. It is built for those that prefer speed when in the court. Hence, you can expect to move around the court easily without any extra load causing a barrier for you. The shoe uses the same unique cooling system that cars feature. This helps to ensure that the wearer gets a good level if cool, even when the weather takes a hot turn.

When it comes to being lightweight, this shoe stands on a level of its own. The weight of the footwear is almost non-existent, and in most situations, people feel like they are not wearing anything due to the lightweight nature of the shoe.


  • Very lightweight design
  • Impressive performance
  • Good traction level.


  • Support may be a little weak for a massive and explosive player.

11. Under Armour ClutchFit Drive 2

Under Armour ClutchFit Drive 2If you are looking for an outdoor basketball shoe with the capacity of offering you everything you need in terms of support, comfort, and traction, without making you spend too much, then this is the one for you. This particular option is the basketball shoe that you’ve been looking for. The company uses the ClutchFit technology to ensure that these basketball shoes are as incredibly lightweight as they should be. In addition to being lightweight, they are also made to wrap your feet in a comfortable and supportive manner.

The shoe comes with a 3D molded tongue that will surround your feet and ankle, ensuring that it remains a perfect fit for you. There’s also a full-length molded Micro G sock liner that’s included to provide stability for your feet as it stays locked inside the shoe. A charged cushioning midsole comes with the shoe for shock-absorbing purposes and to make the shoe ultra-responsive.

Traction is an essential feature to look out for when going for basketball shoes. The shoe features a multidirectional herringbone outsole that will give you total control while ensuring that you get the best traction on and off the court. At its relatively low price, you can be sure that you are getting nothing short of excellent value from the shoe.


  • The unique outsole helps for better traction
  • Good comfort level
  • Relatively affordable


  • Might experience some sizing issues.

12. Nike Men’s Kyrie 3 High Top Lace Up Basketball Shoes

Nike Men's Kyrie 3 High Top Lace Up Basketball ShoesIf you’ve got the moves, then you need a shoe that supports it all. This shoe from Nike gives you the flexibility to move as much as you’d want. Tons of features about, making the shoe one of the best for its price. Its hyperfuse construction combines well with the mesh material that it features to make it very comfortable for use across different sports. Additionally, the material that the shoe features help to give it an incredible level of breathability while maintaining the level of durability and support that you’ll want.

The shoe comes with an integrated forefront band that locks the forefoot down into it, providing the needed stability for the shoe. There’s also a phylon down injected to provide an extraordinary level of comfort to the forefoot. Perhaps, one feature that will attract you from the first look is the out-sole curvature. Overall, the shoe features enhanced traction, allowing you to cut in any direction without slipping.


  • Hyperfuse construction helps to ensure maximum comfort
  • Features an impressive level of traction
  • Long-lasting design.


  • Relatively expensive.

What Are Good Outdoor Basketball Shoes?

Best Outdoor Basketball ShoesA good basketball shoe is not just any sneaker that you can wear to play. Instead, a good basketball shoe is a specialized shoe that’s designed to suit the intensity of the game. It typically helps you to improve your game on the court. Research points out that basketball players would, on average, switch direction every second during a basketball game. A good basketball shoe would not only offer you comfort throughout the game but will also help to improve how you play. Therefore, choosing the right one for your needs can bring the difference that you need on the court.

Basketball shoes are generally known to be lightweight, and this is so to allow players to maneuver their way around the court easily. These shoes also come with good traction levels that help to avoid slipping on the smooth court. Other popular features of a basketball shoe include stability, breathability, cushioning, and support, all combining to make a player better and safe.

There are three main styles as far as this type of shoe is concerned, and each one offers their unique advantages. You need to understand the differences and what each offers when in the market to get the right one for your needs. Keep reading to find out the different types of outdoor basketball shoes and what each of them can offer you.

Types Of Outdoor Basketball Shoes

When you hit the market to buy an outdoor basketball shoe, you’ll find that there are different types of it. Of course, each type comes with its distinct features and would meet different needs. The different types are classified based on cuts; therefore, it will be easy to identify them. Knowledge of the different types will help ensure that you get the right one for your needs. Here, let’s briefly review the different types of basketball shoes available based on cut.

1. Low-top Shoe

Types Of Outdoor Basketball ShoesLike the name signifies, the materials in the collar area of this shoe is removed. This type of shoe is usually more lightweight than others, allowing for greater flexibility. On the other hand, however, these shoes won’t give you the needed ankle support to protect you from sustaining injuries.

2. Mid-top Shoes.

Unlike the first type mentioned, this one comes with a collar area. However, the collar area reaches only a little higher than that of the lower-top shoe. Most basketball professionals prefer to go for this type of high top shoes for their ability to offer better support and stability. It is vital to know, however, that the mid-top shoe does not provide proper ankle protection.

3. High-top Shoe

This type of shoe is, by far, the most popular type of shoe. A lot of basketball players love it for its ability to reduce ankle injury significantly. The collar area of the shoe usually gets to the area above the ankle and Achilles, therefore, providing the needed support. However, this type of shoe is somewhat heavier compared to the other two above. So it might take a while to get used to.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Basketball Shoes

When it comes to playing courts, different basketball shoes may function differently in different courts. You might be thinking of the possibility of buying one pair of basketball shoes and using them on indoors and outdoors courts. But that doesn’t always work, considering that there are several differences between both shoes. Not minding these differences may cost you even more in the long run. Here, let’s take a look at some of the differences that exist between the two types of shoes to help you understand why buying the type of shoe needed for a particular purpose is good.

1. Upper

Despite the similarity that exists between the upper of indoor shoes and outdoor shoes, there are still some significant differences that exist between them. One such difference is in the material that is used for its construction. Playing indoors means that you are playing in a controlled environment, meaning that you would not need as much ventilation as you would typically need when playing on the outdoors.

Playing on the outdoors can cause severe hotness. Therefore outdoor basketball shoes would typically feature breathable materials like mesh to allow proper airflow. Indoor basketball shoes, on the other hand, do not pay enough attention to breathability because of the controlled environment that does not create too much heat.

2. Sole and Traction

Indoor vs. Outdoor Basketball ShoesWhen it comes to the sole and traction, outdoor basketball shoes also differ from indoor basketball shoes. Outdoor basketball shoes typically feature thicker rubber soles than their indoor counterparts. The main reason behind this difference is the hardness and roughness that’s mostly associated with outdoor courts. The thickness of the rubber sole is not only for traction and grip. It also helps with cushioning the shock when you land on hard surfaces.

3. Weight

Outdoor shoes also tend to be a little heavier compared to indoor shoes. Their thicker soles are the primary reason for this weight. Therefore, they will generally require a little more support for players. This is why most outdoor basketball shoes are made with high tops to help ensure proper support on your ankle.

4. Midsole Thickness

Another area where these two types of shoes differ is in the aspect of midsole thickness. You’ll find that the midsole of indoor basketball shoes are mostly thinner because there is not as much need to cushion the feet as in outdoor situations. Outdoor basketball shoes, on the other hand, have thicker midsoles to ensure enough shock absorption when players jump on the harder surface of the court.

The difference between outdoor and indoor basketball shoes may not be too much, but they are worth considering if you want to play at your best. Using the right shoe will help ensure the prevention of injuries, as well as for long-term savings.

Outdoor Basketball Shoes Buying Guide

Outdoor Basketball Shoes Buying GuideLike boxing shoes, there are several different models of basketball shoes in the market, with each having specific features that stand them out. Generally, there are so many technical details to understand to be able to pick the right one. If you are ready for it, then take a look at some of the essential features to look out for.

1. Type of Compound

This is perhaps one of the first features that most basketball players would look at when buying basketball shoes. Usually, you’ll find that the rubber compound featured on outside basketball shoes feature a unique design that makes it able to cope with harsh, hard surfaces in outdoor courts.

You’ll also find that the outdoor court would often have debris littering all around the surface. This means that the rubber soles would need to have high abrasion for efficacy purposes and extended lifespan. If you make the mistake of using the lighter compound that indoor soles feature, then you might as well expect to use your shoe for as long as you would ordinarily want.

2. Soles

Another significant feature that you’ll want to look out for is the sole of the shoe. The sole generally has different parts, and you’ll need to consider each of these parts and their compatibility with your needs.

2.1 Midsole

This is the part where all the cushioning will be happening. It is for this reason that this section is one of the most important in the shoe. Most midsoles feature various foams, with EVA form as the lighter versions and polyurethane as the dense option. You need to also know what the midsole of a shoe can offer in terms of technology.

2.2 Outsole

The outsole of basketball shoes often either feature rubber or synthetic materials. It is the point of traction for your footwear and determines how slippery the shoe would be or not.  Experts often advise that you look for a shoe that features wide and flat outsole when looking for the right one for your needs. This type of outsole is famous for providing the maximum balance for you. If you require added grip, then a good place to start is to look for an outsole that features a hexagonal or herringbone pattern, since these designs help to secure your feet and to prevent you from sliding off the court.

3. Material

When in the market for basketball shoes, you would also want to compare the materials used for their production. Your preferred playing ground would, to a large extent, determine your choice of shoe materials. Generally, we advise people to go for shoes that feature flexible and breathable materials. This type of shoe allows for your feet to get sufficient airflow both on and off the playing court. You should also look at the durability of the material, as this determines how long you’ll use the shoe.

4. Stability

The stability level that the shoe offers you is also very important. This is often a function of the outsole and the midsole. Basketball is an intense sport that requires you to make runs, jumps, and turns almost regularly. You want a shoe that offers you complete stability; therefore, it is always important to look out for the type of outsole that it features. Bear in mind that stability also directly affects your performance in the game.

5. Style

Outdoor Basketball Shoe StyleUsually, the style of shoe you’ll stick to would be based on personal bias. If, because of your proneness to injuries, medical personnel prescribes that you wear a brace on your ankle, then it will be best for you to use a shoe with a low top. On the other hand, if you are looking for better support for your ankle so as not to roll it over, then a high top style shoe is the perfect option for you.

Players that like to make fast and sudden runs on the court, weaving and cutting through players would prefer very flexible shoes. Such flexible shoes allow them to move freely.

6. Weight

The weight of basketball shoes is mostly affected by their unique features. You’ll find outdoor shoes to be slightly heavier than their indoor counterparts. A significant reason for this weight difference is the need for the shoe to cushion your foot since you’ll be playing on hard and often rough surfaces. The shoe’s midsole is also often thicker on outdoor shoes, adding to their already bulky weight.

7. Traction

When it comes to picking a basketball shoe, traction is one aspect that you’ll need to look at. The traction of an indoor basketball shoe will be significantly different from that of indoor shoes. Most indoor courts feature smooth and well-polished surfaces, therefore requiring an entirely different grip from what outdoor shoes would need. You’ll, therefore, realize that the traction on such shoes is typically larger for outdoor purposes. Indoor shoes would feature finer traction that’s non-slip to ensure that a player doesn’t slip off on the court surface.

How To Clean Basketball Shoes?

How To Clean Basketball ShoesIt’s a no-brainer that regular cleanings are required to keep your basketball shoes in top shape. Even if you can’t clean them every day, then you should at least clean them after every game. The reasons for this abound, from the reduction of general odor to the prevention of loss of traction. It also keeps your basketball shoes from quick deterioration.

Let’s start by warning you never to use a washer or a dryer for washing your shoes. You also don’t have to immerse them completely into the water. Follow the following steps as proper guidelines to clean your basketball shoes correctly.

1. Use a soft-bristled shoe brush to remove excess dirt from the outsole of your shoe.
2. Mix a drop of laundry detergent into warm water. Apply a small amount of the solution on a soft cloth or a sponge to clean the dirty areas of the shoe.
3. Remove the shoe’s insole and clean it using the same solution.
4. Rinse off excess soap from the show with clean water on a second sponge.
5. keep the shoe in a clean area to air-dry with room temperature.

FAQ About Outdoor Basketball Shoes

1. How Long Do Basketball Shoes Last Outdoors?

Outdoor basketball shoes would typically feature strong production because of the rigorous play that they are subjected to. They will generally last between six to nine months, depending on brand and the amount of playing frequency you subject it to. Bear in mind also that regular cleaning and careful use can extend the life of the shoe.

2. Can You Use Outdoor Basketball Shoes Indoor?

No. It is wrong to use outdoor shoes for indoor plays. The shoes meant for both scenarios are generally designed differently to fit the specific needs of each court.

3. Is It Bad To Wear Basketball Shoes Outside?

The cardinal rule is for you to avoid wearing your basketball shoes outside. This is because of its potential to lose color and grip when exposed to such conditions. Not exposing them to such elements will make them last longer. They’ll also remain cleaner when you only wear them on the court.

Wrap Up

Now that you are looking to take your basketball hobby to the outdoor court, you’ll need the best outdoor basketball shoes to make the impression you want. Thankfully, there are tons of them today, and each one has its unique benefits. The availability of different brands and models that should be a blessing can easily turn a curse if you don’t know where to look. Most people get overwhelmed by the technical information and end up picking the wrong choice.

You won’t want to find yourself in that situation; hence the need to get the right information. In this article, we’ve provided all the information you’ll need to make a perfect purchase, including outdoor basketball shoes reviews, highlighting the best in the market. If you are not sure about your choice, then you can compare it with the information in our buying guide to see whether it would work for your needs. You can also refer to other shoe articles from us to read reviews that will help you buy the right shoes under different categories.

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