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9 Best Tennis Shoes for High Arches – (Reviews & Guide 2022)

Only the best tennis shoes for high arches can help mitigate the foot pain on the court. Enjoying sports activities should be fun. However, some people face a set of challenges that come in the shape of feet issues, specifically high arches. This condition is known to cause all sorts of discomforts and painful experiences, and as such, it should not be undermined. But with the right shoes, you do not have to stop being active at all.

In the following sections, we are going to talk about all the useful info that can help you decide on a pair of tennis shoes that suit your habits and levels of sports activity. Let us just dive into it.

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Benefits Of Having Tennis Shoes for High Arches

Tennis Shoes for High Arches vs. Regular Tennis ShoesBecause tennis is a high-impact sport that requires all the cushioning you can get, shoemakers decided to incorporate some pretty smart technologies into tennis shoes for high arches. There is nothing special in the form of uniqueness, but the already known cushioning and stability features are used in a way that accommodates feet that do not transfer pressure well. Regular tennis shoes do not have enough cushioning, or they have excessive amounts of additional padding that is not that good either. Now, let’s see what are some of the main features that tennis shoes for high arches have, entirely or to a degree.

1. Different Last for Different Purposes

Shoes that can help you reduce the effects of high arches, and generally help you walk and run better, needs to have a proper shape. The shape of the shoe dictates how much supination is possible, and how the foot reacts to the force and pressure produced by high-impact movements. Truth be told, the shoe shape is not the only factor here, but it is a deciding factor.

So, the shape of the shoe is decided and determined by the shape of the shoe last. If you are unfamiliar with this technology, a shoe last is the foundation that matches the mold of the outsole, during the making process. In short, this is how the shape of the shoe is cut, to begin with. So, a shoe that is made to help with the discomforts that high arches produce will have a curved last, aka a curved shape when looked from above. This system is primarily incorporated to prevent supination.

Some cushioned shoes for high arches have a stricter curve, and some are straighter, but people with serious high arches should always go for the curved shape.

2. Cushioning of the Heel and the Toe Box

In the sections above, we have mentioned imbalances of the foot several times. People with high arches, especially sportspeople, tend to put all of their body weight on the heel and the ball of the foot. This creates additional problems and ultimately leads to painful experiences. This is why tennis shoes for high arches have multi-density cushioning zones that play the role of impact reduction.

Next to the shoe last, the materials play a crucial role in cushioning. While the padding is always welcomed, if there is too much of it, your foot can actually lose stability. So, the manufacturers found a sweet spot, and most of them make shoes with enough padding to help your feet absorb the shock more naturally, but not too much to damage the integrity of the shoe, along with the other stability features.

The midsole and the insole play the biggest part in this mechanism. All sorts of soft, but durable, materials are incorporated with the goal of shock-absorption. The most commonly used material is Ethyl vinyl acetate, also known as EVA or EVA foam. The insole plays a role in this as well, by helping your high arches get all the support. That is why tennis shoes for high arches have that bulge on the side – it is there to elevate the shoe and accommodate the raised longitudinal lateral arch.

3. Ankle Stability

Lastly, the ankles need to be stabilized as well. Because supination is a real issue for people with high arches, a lot of shoes have padded collars, and sometimes even padded tongues. This is all installed to stabilize the ankle without squeezing it, thus removing the tendency to overly supinate. Combined with the right cushioning from the midsole and the insole, and with the curved shape of the last, the padded collar is the last line of defense against leg instability.

Best Tennis Shoes For High Arches Comparison Chart

K-SWISS Men's Grancourt II Tennis Shoe

K-SWISS Men’s Grancourt II Tennis Shoe

  • Price: $$
  • Customer Rating: 4.2
  • Upper: Leather
  • Midsole: EVA
  • Intended For: Men
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Adidas Women's Grand Court Sneaker

Adidas Women’s Grand Court Sneaker

  • Price: $$
  • Customer Rating: 4.7
  • Upper: Leather-like
  • Midsole: Plush
  • Intended For: Women
View On Amazon
Adidas Men's Barricade 2018 Tennis Shoe

Adidas Men’s Barricade 2018 Tennis Shoe

  • Price: $$
  • Customer Rating: 4.2
  • Upper: Mesh
  • Midsole: EVA
  • Intended For: Men
View On Amazon
K-SWISS Men's Ultrascendor Tennis Shoe

K-SWISS Men’s Ultrascendor Tennis Shoe

  • Price: $$
  • Customer Rating: 4.4
  • Upper: Leather
  • Midsole: Foam
  • Intended For: Men
View On Amazon
Brooks Men's Beast '16

Brooks Men’s Beast ’16

  • Price: $$$
  • Customer Rating: 4.5
  • Upper: Synthetics and Mesh
  • Midsole: DNA
  • Intended For: Men
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Tennis Shoes for High Arches Reviews

1. K-SWISS Men’s Grancourt II Tennis Shoe

K-SWISS Men's Grancourt II Tennis ShoeWhen it comes to tennis shoes, manufacturers and shoemakers tend to focus on reducing the weight of the shoe. This is great, but some people like that extra stability that only leather can deliver. Such is the case of these K-SWISS tennis shoes for high arches. Their upper is mostly made of leather, and the toe box is reinforced with extra material as well. You can find these tennis shoes in two different designs – black and gray, and white and silver.

The upper is made of leather, yes, but the insides are layered with padding, starting from the plush tongue, all the way to the K-EVA (a K-SWISS trademarked EVA) in the midsole. On top of the K-EVA midsole, you can find a molded-foam insole that can support your high arches, and cushion the shock coming from high-impact sports, like tennis and racquet. The outsole is made of rubber, and its tread patterns are complex, thus providing more grip and preventing accidental slips.


  • A sturdy leather tennis stability shoe for high arches that is waterproof as well
  • The K-EVA insole will accommodate your high arches and the balls of your feet
  • The extra plush padding on the collar and the shoe tongue provide a better, snug fit


  • Even though leather is sturdy and durable, it is not as breathable as other mesh and synthetic materials 

2. Adidas Women’s Grand Court Sneaker

Adidas Women's Grand Court SneakerAdidas has been in the game of shoemaking for quite some time now, and they provide shoes for all sorts of uses and all types of feet. This particular shoe model for women is made primarily with comfort in mind. Atop of that, you get to choose between 33 different designs and styles, so matching the shoes with the rest of your gear will not be an issue. And, of course, every model has the famous three lines on the side, giving the shoes the Adidas flavor.

Now, the upper is made of lightweight leather-like materials, giving the shoes enough breathability without sacrificing the integrity of it. The leather is, however, coated with polyurethane that enhances the overall durability of the shoe. Inside, you will find the super-comfy insole and midsole that create a cushioning zone to alleviate the stress that high arches cause. The insides are made of plush, that is soft, yet strong enough to provide arch support and comfort at the same time. On the outside, the rubber outsole provides all the traction you might need for sports activities with its hexagonal tread pattern.


  • Old school Adidas looks with a large variety of designs to choose from
  • The insides are made of plush which is extra-comfy and sturdy at the same time
  • The upper is made of manmade leather and coated with polyurethane for extra durability


  • These tennis shoes are a bit shorter than average, so if you need ankle support as well, you should keep this in mind

3. Adidas Men’s Barricade 2018 Tennis Shoe

Adidas Men's Barricade 2018 Tennis ShoeIf you are looking for a pair of tennis shoes for high arches that can follow you in your court adventures on a daily basis, these men’s Adidas might be the way to go. Since Adidas has a lot of experience with sports footwear, they decided to make a tennis shoe that can accommodate the pressure which high arches produce. Additionally, you can choose between eight different designs, including the classic black-and-white Adidas style.

The upper of these tennis shoes is mainly made of mesh, meaning that people with sweaty feet can wear these shoes for longer periods. The collar and the tongue are padded, so you can adapt the shoe to the shape of your ankles better. The Geofit tech form Adidas makes the shoe shape change and adapt to the shape of your feet over time. The shock absorption comes from the foam installed in the midsole, and the Adiprene under the heel and the toe box.


  • A pair of tennis shoes that implement several patents and technologies to accommodate your feet and high arches
  • Mesh upper makes the shoes breathable and flexible
  • The Adiprene under the heel and the ball of the foot provides extra cushioning and shock absorption


  • Due to the nature of mesh materials, these shoes are not waterproof, so make sure to dry them out completely if they get wet

4. K-SWISS Men’s Ultrascendor Tennis Shoe

K-SWISS Men's Ultrascendor Tennis ShoeThe Ultrascendor from K-SWISS is a stability tennis shoe for high arches that will help you with shock absorption on the court. This shoemaker is well-known for making sports footwear that is affordable and highly-functional, no matter the level of your skill. This particular model comes in the navy-white color finish, with the K-SWISS logo on the ankle collar.

The upper of these tennis shoes is made of leather and synthetics, spread in such a way that provides both support and some breathability. And, to make the shoes even more comfortable, the tongue and the collar are padded, with extra cushioning around the ankle. Now, the midsole is made of lightweight foam that absorbs shock, and the outsole is fully made of rubber with complex patterns that grip the ground pretty well.


  • An affordable tennis shoe with stability properties that support high arches
  • An additional layer of comfort in the form of a padded and cushioned collar and tongue
  • Leather upper provides a level of water resistance to these shoes


  • Although the upper delivers some breathability, if feet sweating is an issue, you might want to invest into a pair of high-quality sports socks as well

5. Brooks Men’s Beast ’16

Brooks Men's Beast '16These futuristic-looking Brooks certainly have a lot to bring to the sports footwear game. They look nice, they are lightweight, and above all, they have a cushioning system alongside the stability tech implemented. They can be found in several different colors, but the design is more or less the same, sporting a dominant mesh net look.

Now, the stability of these Brooks for men starts at the padded collar, strengthened by synthetics. The upper is breathable due to the smart utilization of mesh, and the outsole is made of rubber. This outsole is partitioned into segments that optimize grip and minimize slipping. They are, however, made for lesser degrees of high arches, but the cushioning and padding do absorb a large portion of the shock produced by running and high-impact movements.


  • A lightweight pair of sports shoes with optimized breathability (mesh)
  • The ankle support will hold your foot in place without scratching or chafing the foot
  • The outsole is segmented and optimized for better grip


  • Even though these are stability shoes, they are not intended for people with severely high arches

6. New Balance Women’s WC1005 Stability Tennis Shoe

New Balance Women's WC1005 Stability Tennis ShoeIf you are looking for a stability shoe that will also keep your feet from excessive sweating, these New Balance for women could certainly be a great addition to your sports gear set. They have the classic NB looks, with a bulky, but not heavy upper. This particular model comes in two main designs – whole gray and white with blue accents.

So, as you probably know, New Balance produces sports-oriented footwear that you can also use in everyday situations. These stability shoes are lighter than you average NB bulky shoe thanks to the mesh used to make the upper. The tongue and the collar are padded as well, so you won’t experience chafing or tightness. The midsole is made of EVA, and it covers all the critical spots that people with high arches needed to be supported. When it comes to the outsole, we are talking about blocky, complex-patterned rubber that doesn’t slip easily.


  • A pair of lightweight tennis shoes designed for long days on the court
  • The upper is made of breathable mesh, with cushioned tongue and collar for a snugger fit
  • The S-Curve stability technology will absorb a large portion of shock made by playing high-impact sports


  • These stability shoes are not waterproof, and the rubber outsole is a bit stiffer than average

7. New Balance Women’s W880gb6 Tennis Shoe

New Balance Women's W880gb6 Tennis ShoeIf you are one of those people that requires likes lighter shoes, these New Balance tennis shoes for women are the optimal way to go. They are made with lightweight materials that do not harm the shoe integrity and the stability that supports high arches and sensitive feet. On top of that, you can find these NBs in 13 different designs and colors.

The upper on these tennis shoes is one of the most lightweight uppers out there. This is achieved through the smart utilization of mesh which allows for regular foot skin breathing. Bellow the ankle, you can find an additional layer of support made of synthetics, with the insides of the collar padded for a snugger fit. The midsole is super-comfy with several EVA zones to support and cushion your feet and minimize the effects of high arches. On the outside, the outsole is made of complex-patterned rubber that prevents slipping on the court.


  • One of the most lightweight tennis shoes out there with extra breathability
  • The padded collar and the synthetic ankle support prevent excessive supination
  • The midsole has padding and cushioning to alleviate the stress of high arches


  • This pair of stability tennis shoes comes with a higher price
  • No water resistance

8. K-SWISS Women’s Grancourt II SR Duty Tennis Shoe

K-SWISS Women's Grancourt II SR Duty Tennis ShoeHere we have a pair of boots with a somewhat unique design. The K-SWISS has a long history in making comfy shoes, and these tennis shoes that can alleviate the stress of high arches bring all that comfort to the table. The top is made of leather and some synthetic parts, so the integrity of the shoe is strengthened with the materials and with the way it was built as well. They come on the classic white color. Now to get to the unique part.

The Grancourt Tube got its name from the specific midsole technology used to absorb a large amount of shock. There is no regular midsole underneath the insole of these shoes. Instead, there is a synthetic layer with a system of tubes that go through the entire sole. These tubes contract the material, thus absorbing shock with ease while adapting to the shape of your feet. Atop of that, you will be happy to hear that the outsole is slip-resistant and that the toe box has an extra layer of reinforcement.


  • Unique tube technology is used to make the midsole. This tech absorbs shock and makes the shoes more comfortable
  • The upper is made of durable leather and it has an extra layer of material that reinforces the toe box
  • The outsole has a slip-resistant layer that grips the ground well


  • These shoes are bulkier than average, which doesn’t suit every wearer out there

9. Adidas Performance Men’s Barricade V Classic Tennis Shoe

Adidas Performance Men's Barricade V Classic Tennis ShoeAdidas is known worldwide for its urban shoes and sportswear. These shoes are not made for everyday strolling, but they do deliver top performance when it comes to high-impact sports. At first glance, you can already see the material combinations that make a good sports shoe. These particular tennis shoes for high arches come in two different designs – black and white, and purple and white.

So, the upper is made of a mesh and synthetics combo that makes these tennis shoes both flexible and breathable at the same time. The mesh is extra-breathable at the forefoot, so people with a sweating problem can take a breather (pun intended). The midsole is made of molded EVA and Adiprene, an Adidas trademarked technology. This midsole supports high arches by cushioning the critical spots and by absorbing a large portion of the shock produced by high-impact sports. The stability of this shoe also comes from the extended torsion system incorporated into the build of this particular tennis shoe model.


  • A modern, almost futuristic-looking shoe that is designed for high-impact sports
  • The upper is made of breathable mesh and durable synthetics
  • These tennis shoes have EVA and Adiprene to cushion and support your feet


  • These shoes come with a heftier price, which they make up in performance and foot support

Issues Caused by High Arches and Their Effects On Sports Performance

Best Tennis Shoes For High ArchesPeople who have suffered from high arches for long know that the major issues are pain and unpleasant experiences. Sometimes, due to fatigue caused by a tired foot, you may even experience pins and needles, or in some worse cases – the constant feeling that there is a pebble inside the shoe. These are all acute problems that go away with rest and recovery. But, recovering from micro-injuries is not the exactly perfect solution, not only because it is stressful, but because it takes time as well.

So far, we know that genetics do not play a crucial role in developing high arches, as opposed to flat feet. That is why we must treat them as a more serious condition because the issues can often be more painful, and overall more exhausting. The wide arrange of problem pes cavus (that’s the medical name for the condition) can cause can be separated into two major groups:

  • Direct Foot Issues
  • Chronic Biomechanical Issues

1. Direct Foot Issues

This group of common problems caused by high arches contains all the minor (but not less serious) issues that a person with high arches has surely experienced at least once. Almost every problem comes from the uneven spread of force produced by walking ad sports activities. The longitudinal lateral arch is making the weight shift to the forefoot and the heel, thus putting more pressure on the heel and the ball of the foot. In short, if you have high arches, and don’t do anything about it, you are bound to experience at least one the following:

  • Metatarsalgia – the inflammation of the ball of the foot that produces prickly or even painful sensations. The most common symptoms are numbness in the forefoot, stinging sensation, or the “pebble in the shoe” situation.
  • Claw and hammer toes – due to the uneven pressure exerted on the forefoot, the toes might develop these deformities, and slowly curl down. This issue only worsens the pressure problem and often leads to other anatomic deviations.
  • Plantar Fasciitis – the inflammation of the plantar fascia ligament that plays the role of the major shock absorber of the foot. People with high arches who do not address the issue almost always get some form of plantar fasciitis.
  • Calluses – As you might already know, your feet endure a lot of pressure. Calluses mostly form on the spots of high pressure, because the skin wants to protect itself from tearing apart, hence the thickening.

2. Chronic Biomechanical Issues

If you do nothing to correct the effects of high arches, you risk developing some of the more serious anatomical issues. Every part of the leg muscle chain depends on the efficiency of foot pressure and balance. People with high arches tend to overly supinate, and that furtherly can lead to:

  • Ankle problems – Supination forces the outer part of the foot to take more pressure, transferring it to the ankle.
  • Knee and hip problems – By losing ankle stability, knees and hips tend to rotate to make up for it. This type of rotation can lead to all sorts of problems with tendons, ligaments, muscles, and even bones.
  • Back pain – Lastly, due to all these imbalances, your back can suffer from high arches too. This, however, happens only with the most severe cases.

Tennis Shoes for High Arches Buying Guide

Tennis Shoes for High Arches Buying GuideNow that we have seen what kind of features make tennis shoes for high arches special, it is time to get into the details and talk about the practical things you should look after while deciding on a model for yourself. Feel free to use this guide to make your own criteria for what kind of shoes you want to get and start enjoying sports again.

1. The Upper Build

The upper cover your feet and plays several roles. The biggest differences of a shoe upper come from the materials used in the making. Now, it is up to you to decide whether you prefer breathability or weather-resistant features. Going for both is pretty impossible because tennis shoes that prioritize breathability need to let as much air and humidity through.

1.1. Mesh

Mesh is by far the most popular material when it comes to sports shoes of all sorts, including tennis shoes for flat feet. This material is, at its core, represents a knit network of small synthetic fibers that create a durable whole. It is flexible and it allows perspiration, so people with sweaty feet don’t have to worry about their feet cooking inside the shoe while on the court. Mesh, on the other hand, does not have water-resistant capabilities, but it dries faster than other materials.

1.2. Synthetics

Synthetic parts are usually used in combination with other materials. These plastic parts are durable and often connect the integral part of the shoe, e.g. the midsole and the upper. Synthetics are also used to enhance ankle stability by providing additional support around the back of the foot and the collar.

1.3. Leather – natural and manmade

Leather declined in popularity over the years due to its low breathability. However, leather tennis shoes for high arches tend to be sturdier and overall more durable. If you decide to get a pair of leather tennis shoes for flat feet, you should also think about investing in a pair of socks for sweaty feet, especially if you plan to spend a lot of time on the court.

2. Cushioning Zones

Every tennis shoe for high arches should have a cushioning system. The heel and the ball of the foot are the critical spots that should be provided with the extra cushioning, without going overboard, of course. So, if you want to avoid calluses and stinging sensations that high arches cause, aim for some sort of EVA cushioning, or a type of foam that provides similar results. These critical zones need to diminish the effects of foot imbalances and make up for the unnatural gait high arches cause. On top of that, if you get a cushioned shoe, you won’t have to spend as much time recovering after a game as usual.

3. Make Sure the Shoes Fit

Developing hammer toes is not rare with a condition like high arches. This condition can also come from incorrect shoe size, and sometimes even from wearing extremely high heels. So, before you even begin searching for a perfect pair of tennis shoes for your high arches, we recommend that you measure your feet first. A lot of people often get the wrong shoe size. People with high arches can make the situation even worse if they get a smaller pair. Even a tiny bit smaller. So, here’s what you should do:

3.1. Get a ruler and start measuring

Get a straight ruler – this will be the only tool we will be using to measure the feet and determine the shoe size. You should avoid using a measuring tape or flexible rulers because they can add some length due to the curvature of the foot. So, take the ruler and measure the length of your foot, starting from the edge of the heel, all the way down to the longest toe (usually the big toe, or sometimes the next one). Repeat the process for the other foot and write down the bigger number. It is always advised to use the longer foot as a reference point when sizing your feet. Unless the difference is huge, of course.

A quick tip: before measuring your feet, take your shoes and socks off and wait for five to ten minutes. This way the blood flow will balance out, and your feet will relax, thus giving you the real measurements.

After you are done with measuring your feet length, move on to the width. Our feet are often the widest at the ball of the foot. Use the ruler and measure the widest point of your feet and write down the bigger number.

3.2. Consult the size charts

Every size chart will have the length, but not the feet width. Length is often marked in inches and centimeters, so all you need to do is apply the measurements you got and find the corresponding size.

We recommend adding an extra .2 inch just to make sure your toes have enough space. Also, do not be confused by the letters you might find on the size charts online. Each letter represents a certain girth or foot width. Just find the correct one, without adding anything, and you’re all set.

4. The Outsole Also Matters

Even though the heart and soul of a tennis shoe for high arches are the midsole and the insole, the outsole also plays an important role – it makes sure that you do not slip out there on the court. Most outsoles are made of rubber, which should be both flexible and durable. If you plan on playing on tricky terrains, aim for a pair of tennis shoes that come with an outsole with complex tread patterns.

The more complicated the outsole rubber pattern, the stronger the grip. Just keep in mind that this rubber is often the heaviest material used in shoemaking, so if you prefer lighter shoes, don’t go overboard getting a pair with an extra-bulky outsole.

5. Toe Box Features

A comfy toe box is often overlooked and undermined. People with high arches tend to push up with their toes. This can, in return, damage the skin of your feet by chafing it against the upper. If you are having issues like these, you can get a pair of tennis shoes that have a bigger toe box. These boxes are usually strengthened with extra material to provide adequate feedback to your toes on the court.

FAQ About Tennis Shoes for High Arches

1. Do high arches affect sports (tennis) performance?

As opposed to flat feet, high arches can affect every activity that requires the movement of the foot, not just tennis playing. As we all know, tennis is a high-impact sport. This means that you run, jump, change directions, and pivot a lot of times during a single match. Sudden direction changes exert a lot of force on your feet, their arches, and on your ankles. Some professional players would argue that a trustworthy pair of tennis shoes is the most important part of the gear.

That is why it is important to get a pair of tennis shoes for high arches that will help with absorbing as much of the shock and pressure as possible.

2. How to clean and maintain tennis shoes for high arches?

There is not much you can do to prolong the life of a tennis shoe, besides regular cleaning and small maintenance stuff. If you get a pair made of leather, all you have to do is use a damp cloth every once and again and clean the excess dirt off of them. On the other hand, if you get a pair made of mesh and/or synthetics, there are a few guidelines you should follow:

  • Always let your shoes dry out after a game. Moist environments are perfect for developing fungus, and nobody should take that risk.
  • Never use heated air (tumble or hairdryer) to speed up the drying process. By applying heat, you could affect the glues and other chemicals used to hold the shoes together, thus damaging the integrity of the tennis shoes.
  • If the insole is removable, give it a wash every once in a while. Handwashing with some lukewarm water and soap will do the trick. Just make sure the insoles dry out completely before you put them back in the shoes.
  • Neve, under any circumstances, machine wash your tennis shoes for high arches. This type of footwear is made to absorb shock from sports, but not the shock from machine washing.

3. Can you use tennis shoes for high arches for running and/or jogging?

Most models are suitable for running, yes, but not any kind of running. If you plan to take your tennis shoes on a jog every once and again, there is nothing wrong with that. But running track and sprinting on the regular may shorten the lifespan of tennis shoes for high arches. Moderation is key, and, if you intend to take up running as the main activity, consider investing in the best running shoes for high arches.

Wrap Up

As you can see in our guide and reviews, people with high arches do not have to avoid playing sports due to fear of pain and discomfort. We encourage you to use our guidelines to find the best tennis shoes for high arches for yourself and start enjoying an active life again. Additionally, if you rest properly, and maintain the shoes adequately, you will notice an increase in the overall quality of life, not just while on the court. The variety in today’s market gives you a chance to pick and choose between all sorts of different designs, colors, technologies used, and levels of comfort. No one should have to endure the pain that high arches cause, so why should you make an exception.

Feel free to contact us if you have anything to add, or want to ask us something, and we will return with the correct info ASAP!

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